Gerry Kingsley is a francophone Canadian photographer and cinematographer born in Sudbury Ontario. He began working in information technology from 2001 until 2008 when he switched careers and turned his passion towards photography and the arts. 

In 2014 he opened his first studio and focused his lens on people and portraits. He also offers his skills as a stills photographer and cinematographer for feature film and television productions.

Since then he has worked with actors Marlee Matlin, Graham Greene, Richard Armitage, Sarah Gadon, Famkeh Janssen, Robert Carlyle, Maddie Ziegler, Donal Logue, Julian Richings, Robbie Amell, Emily Hampshire, Hayley Law, Alex Wolff and others.

Gerry has also worked with authors Danielle Daniel, Merylin Simonds, Kim Fahner, Wayne Grady, Ric deMeulles, Liisa Kavola and Matthew Heiti. His work has appeared in publications such as Maclean's, the Globe and Mail, Salon, The Toronto Star and other media outlets and publications.

Photo by James Adetoyese

Gerry Kingsley (left) on set with director Andrew Hunt (right) photographing publicity stills for the feature film Spare Parts (2018).

Gerry is also a skilled and innovative cinematographer. Since 2017 he has filmed two short films and two feature films as director of photography. He also films, directs and produces music videos and other visual art. He enjoys collaborating with artists from other disciplines to create new work.

In addition to practicing and refining his craft. He has shared his knowledge by teaching photography courses at both Cambrian College and Laurentian University. During this period he also found time to be a staff writer at Retouching Academy where he published his expertise in many articles ranging from industry news to post production education and tutorials.

Gerry still lives in his home town of Sudbury Ontario but follows his work where it takes him.

Photo by James Adetoyese

BTS: Cinematographer Gerry Kingsley (right) on set with Director B.P. Paquette (left) blocking a scene with cast and crew for the feature film Fidelity (2021).

For deeper insight into Gerry's evolution,  Format magazine presented an editorial that traces his transformation from an art enthusiast in rural Canada to where he is today.  Read the editorial here.

Photo by Chuck Grande

Gerry (right) directing puppeteer Dylan Gibson as puppet Ed Landry (center) for the Edouard Landry music video Lighthouse (2023).

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