Gerry Kingsley is a contemporary portrait and commercial photographer living in Northern Ontario, Canada. Gerry primarily works with artists, authors, politicians, actors, models, industry leaders and public figures. 

Since his beginnings in 2008, he has become one of the Norths most respected photographers, specializing in editorial and portraiture. Widely known for his lighting, he travels abroad and produces work that has garnered international attention. Between his many projects he also finds time to write articles for LA based Retouching Academy - an elite education blog for retouching professionals. He is a former Professor at Cambrian College, and a current part time professor at Thorneloe University, teaching photography as a part of the Motion Picture Arts Program.

For more information on his work, to get in touch regarding commercial or personal project opportunities, or to just say hello, get in touch here.

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Studio Nine Eight

Located downtown Sudbury, in century old brownstone re-purposed commercial bakery, Gerry Kingsley is founder and co-owner of Sudbury's most progressive and state of the art commercial photo studio. Working along with his partner Alex Filion, they have an available 2000sq ft open concept space with bay door access, lounge area, kitchenette, large bathroom / change room. The Nine Eight can accommodate virtually any sized project.

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