Gerry Kingsley is a contemporary francophone photographer and cinematographer born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada.  As an artist, his focus is to tell stories with deeper meaning using experimental and unconventional optical, compositional and lighting concepts. Kingsley's work is regularly requested for various projects ranging from commercial visual design, feature film stills and key art, to marketing, advertising and even scientific research projects. 

He has taught courses in photography at Cambrian College and Laurentian University. He is also a former staff writer for the popular blog Retouching Academy. An educational and business platform for retouching professionals. There he published over a dozen educational articles and guides that are still highly referenced today. He is regularly sought out for his knowledge on photography, cinematography and lighting techniques and concepts. 

For more information on his work, or to inquire about commissioning a project, or to just say hello, get in touch here.  :)

Gerry Kingsley on set with director Andrew Hunt shooting portraits for the feature film "Spare Parts".

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