A talented francophone photographer and cinematographer,  Gerry Kingsley hails from the beautiful landscapes of Northern Ontario,  Canada. Known for his captivating portraiture,  Gerry boasts a diverse background in crafting compelling imagery and cinematic content for the film industry as well as across various sectors. 

His expertise also spans the realms of science,  research and mining lending a distinctive depth to his work.  Furthermore,  Gerry's passion for photography extends beyond capturing images;  he has shared his knowledge by teaching photography courses at both Cambrian College and Laurentian University.

As a cinematographer,  Gerry recently completed work on the innovative feature films "Fidelity", blending animation and live action as well as the forthcoming live-action feature "Swan Song",  currently in post-production.  Gerry also shoots and directs music videos, most notably the black and white trilogy "Forteresse", as well as the recently released music video "Lighthouse" where he takes on working with a puppet in a pop up book world.

For deeper insight into Gerry's evolution,  Format Magazine presents an editorial that traces his transformation from an art enthusiast in rural Canada to where he is today. 

Read the editorial here.

Gerry Kingsley (left) on set with director Andrew Hunt (right) photographing publicity stills for the feature film Spare Parts.

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