Professional Headshots

In today’s market, a simple CV is not enough, providing a professional head shot is a great way to set yourself apart! 

Expect potential employers to do background research on you by checking all your social media profiles. So it’s important to show your best self across all social platforms. How you project yourself on social media tells people your interests, professionalism, conduct and conveys your overall character.  Using selfies, or bad photos sends a message of “I don’t care”, which is often considered a red flag for many scouts, recruiters and potential employers. 

Your professional portrait is not only a high quality image of you, it’s a tool, and like all tools it needs to effective. Make your business portraits work for you. Starting at only $100.00 it’s an investment you can’t afford to pass up on. Book now and schedule your sessions today! 

Earth Day!

Happy earth day, we celebrate it every year on April 22nd. However even with this day to honor our wonderful home we still, as a species do not do enough to respect our planet. From dependency on fossil fuels to non-biodegradable products like plastic destroying our oceans. more can be done. We see small victories here and there but until a major societal shift happens, I don’t think much else will be done. Nonetheless, I have high hopes for the future and hopefully we will start getting back on the right track. 

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